Change isn’t progress unless it feels better
And waiting for better just makes it feel worse
So we blow all the bubbles of hope and excitement
And try to calm down before they all burst
Too used to asking for things we deserve
Clean water in taps or somewhere to live
And failing to see that merely by asking
We’re setting the limit on what people give

I don’t want your promises
I don’t want your change
Whats the chance of being heard?
I won’t ask you again

Asking for change is like asking for freedom
to choose who supplies all you need to be free
We take the position of moral consumers
only to find there’s no guarantee
Action’s a magnet for those who quit asking
But couldn’t find anyone else they could tell
Action – it’s not only making the protest,
But making that overdue phone call as well

The leaders we look at keep talking of change
like it was our fault things are all going wrong
Look a bit wider and get the whole picture
Then turn off the nerve that says “here you belong”
The people who change things are dead when it’s normal
And lucky to stay out of jail when it’s not
You can ask for the world to stop kicking your soul in
Or stand up and fight for the fighting to stop

We don’t need your promises
We don’t need your change
If this is all you have to give
We won’t ask you again



-I Won’t Ask You Again-


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